N. D. R. K. College of Nursing believes that Nursing is a service which relates to the holistic approach in the case of sick and the families learning as a life long process is promoted through intellectual creativity, self awareness, self discretion and responsibility. Students are responsible for responding to learning experiences which stimulate the intellectual and personal development. Today, as the world  moves into the new Nursing era there is the greater need of nurses in health profession, the need of the hours is an increasing number of well qualified Nurses, who are trained to take on the challenges of the new economy. To help our country as small contribution NDRK College of Nursing was born with the basic aim of providing Nursing education. This institution is on the mission to enable Indian Nurses to take our country to global leadership status in Nursing profession development, and we at NDRK are determined to acquire the students with a sound base of knowledge to bring out professionally competent and morally strong nurses so that they can face the competitive world with confidence.


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The Distance between success & failure can only measured by one's desire