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Lower Mainland OCDS Ceremonies
Monday, September 18, 2017 was a most memorable day for the Lower Mainland OCDS Communities who celebrated their ceremonies at Little Flower Monastery for the first time. The day started with Holy Mass celebrated by Fr. Provincial Charles Serrao and concelebrated by the friars of the Canada Region including Fr. Rudolf D’Souza, Fr. Jerald D’Souza, Fr. John Pinto and Fr. Ranjan D’Sa who were all present for their curia meeting. Mass was offered for the repose of the soul of Felicia D’Sa, Fr. Ranjan’s mother.
Fr. Provincial officiated the clothing and promises of the candidates. Luc Bengono of St. Teresa of Jesus Community was clothed with his scapular; Virginia Concon of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Community and Jessie Wong of St. Teresa of Jesus Community made their Definitive Promises. Fr. Provincial’s message was simple and clear: Like the roots that keep up a tree, in Carmel, our relationship with God and others in faith keeps us stronger.
After Mass, every one proceeded up the hill to witness the inauguration and blessing by Fr. Provincial of the newly completed Stations of the Cross. The event concluded perfectly with a delightful buffet lunch shared by the friars and the seculars. It was a joyful and jubilant Carmelite family celebration! To steal an expression of Fr. Provincial when he praised Fr. Rudolf for his accomplishments, most of us seculars were filled with “holy jealousy” of our candidates for such a blessed day with all the friars in attendance. Thanks go to Fr. Jerald D’Souza, our Provincial Delegate, for orchestrating and making the occasion so special.
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Thursday 21st, 2017 was a special day to St. Martin of Tours, Mpandangindo in the Archdiocese of Songea. 60 children; 15 from Liweta, 7 from Kituro and 38 from Mpandangindo itself received the Sacrament of Confirmation from the hands of Very Rev. Fr. Camillus Haule, the Vicar General of the Archdiocese. At 10 am the Eucharistic celebration was presided over by the Vicar General and concelebrated by the Rev. Fr. Roshan Pinto, the Parish Priest and Fr. Raymond Santhanaz. After the Holy Communion the Confirmation children were congratulated by the Vicar General and the priests. Then the Vicar General was congratulated and thanked for his service and honoured him with the gift of a male goat. Even the catechists were congratulated and thanked for their sincere service of teaching the catechism to the children. After the blessing there was a photo session of the children as well as of their parents and sponsors. All the children and the leaders joined for the food.
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MONTI FEST at Infant Jesus Shrine Pushpashrama
The feast of the nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After the 9 days novenas with flowers, sweets and masses; we had a grand celebration of the birthday of Mary on September 8th. There were 2 masses to mark the event of the day- at 6.45am mass in English; 6.00pm mass in Kannada. All were given new corn (paddy/grains) as a symbol of the harvest festival and sugar canes to double the joy. Secondly the children of the Infant Jesus Children’s Association led the choir and conducted a beautiful and meaningful liturgy. During the Holy Mass the newly formed “Infant Jesus Children’s Association” was inaugurated. And in the noon we celebrated the birthday of Mother Mary with 52 types of dishes to boost the family spirit.
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Family feast celebrated at Infant Mary Chruch, Bajjodi
Bajjodi, Sep. 8: The cultural programe of the family feast began at 5.30pm in the Parish community hall. The programe began with the prayer song by the Altar Servers. Soon after a short stage programe was held. Chief guest Episcopal Vicar, Rev. Fr. Pius James, Guest of honour, St. Joseph Monastry, Rector, Rev. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues, Asst. Priest Fr. Ivan D’souza, Vice President, Mr. Joseph Mascarenhas, Secretary Irene Pinto were then led to the stage by Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta. In the beginning secretary Mrs. Irene Pinto welcomed the gathering. Soon after that all those who were present on the dais offered flowers to Infant Mary. Fr. Pius James D’souza in his message stressed that in every family members should always come together, pray together and eat together. There should be always joy in the family. Parish Priest, Fr. Shabas Crasta thanked everyone for their whole hearted support and invited everyone to build a good parish community.
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Monti Fest Celebrated at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi
Bajjodi:The nativity feast of Mary was celebrated with utmost devotion at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi on Friday September 8th. At 7.45am new corn was blessed by St. Joseph Monastery Rector Rev. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues. After the blessing children showered flower petals to Mother Mary. Later children walked in procession with adults to the Church. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues celebrated the festal mass together with Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta, Assistant Priest Fr.Ivan D’souza and Fr. Jocy D’souza. Fr. Wilfred Rodrigues in his homily said that feast of Nativity of Mary or traditional called as Monti Fest is the occasion of thanksgiving to the Almighty for the abundance of graces that he has showered on mankind. The family bonding is essential for better relations and it is the time to introspect on one’s life. At the end Fr. Shabas thanked the donors. After the Feast Mass, people returned home with the blessed new paddy and the children cherished the day as sugar canes were distributed to them.
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Matunungu was one of the Out Station of St. Martin of Tour Parish, Mpandangindo – Songea. There was a small shed as a church where we used to celebrate mass for the people when we go or where faithful used to gather for Sunday Prayer when priests don’t come. In the course of time this shed was fallen since polls were eaten by white ants. Since people were not able to rebuilt, it went on like that almost for ten years. But recently the parish has decided to help them to rebuild the shed and to give them the privilege of having Sunday Mass one a month. Hence on 3rd of September it was an inaugural mass at Matunungu. Fr. Roshan Pinto, the Parish Priest accompanied by Br. Cyprian Kihwele, Sr. Rosy UMI and some leaders from the parish went to Matunungu to have the reinstating the Out Station of Matunungu.
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The Karnataka-Goa Province is delighted that 11 members and 5 candidates have come forward to pronounce their Definitive and Temporary Promises respectively on 10th of September, 2017. We cordially invite you to participate in the Solemn Eucharistic Celebration at Infant Jesus Shrine, Bikarnakatte, Mangaluru.
We offer our congratulations to all these members and wish them all the best in their life as members of the world-wide Discalced Carmelite Family.
Please support them with your presence and prayers.

Fr. Charles Serrao OCD
Provincial Superior

New Grotto of Our Lady at Agassiz, Canada:
Here is the link to the upgraded Grotto of our Lady engineered by Fr. Steny Mascarenhas OCD the Pastor of St. Anthony of Padua Church - Agassiz. Fr. Steny has proved himself to be an able, dedicated, hardworking pastor in the parish and in the neighborhood and has united the divided parish within this short period of time. We congratulate him for his great success. Fr. Steny has introduced apart from Carmelite Spirituality among the people; popular devotions to Mother Mary of Mount Carmel, St. Anthony of Padua, St. John of the Cross, St. Teresa of Avila and St. Elijah. He has visited people in the parish and instilled in them desire for faithful following of Christ. His presence has enhanced the faith of people and has enhanced their desire for spirituality and contemplation. From time to time Fr. Steny conducts what we call Carmelite Meditation and Contemplative sessions.
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New Priest celebrated Mass at Mpandagindo!
New Priest is in Mpandagindo, at St. Martin of Tours Parish. Fr. Sandeep Kumar, our new Priest who was ordained on July 5th in India, celebrated his Thanksgiving Mass at Mpandagindo on Sunday 27th August. Frs. Roshan Pinto, the Parish Priest and Raymond Santhanaz concelebrated with him. He was introduced and welcomed by the Parish Priest before the mass and after the communion, he was greeted by the people by individually receiving his blessing. We wish Fr. Sandeep a joyful priestly ministry and God’s choicest blessings in his future appointment.
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The Feast of the Assumption of the BVM was celebrated on 13th of August at St. Martin of Tours, Mpandagindo-Songea. On that great day of the feast of the BVM we were also privileged to bless the Grotto of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The mass was celebrated by Fr. Roshan Pinto, the Parish Priest and concelebrated by Fr. Raymond Santhanaz and a beautiful homily was delivered by Br. Cyprian Kiwele, the Scholastic from Kola who has come for Pastoral experience. After the mass the statue of Our Lady of Mount Carmel was blessed by Fr. Raymond and all went out in procession with the statue to the Grotto. The Grotto was blessed by Fr. Roshan and the statue was placed inside the Grotto. The work of the Grotto was started on 21st July after blessing the site by Fr. Roshan after the morning mass of the day. We are grateful to all those who helped us financially to realize this project of building this Grotto of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. May God bless all those who helped us. It is said by our own faithful that this is a very unique kind of Grotto, nowhere to be seen in Tanzania itself.
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The Mission Congress in Tanzania is being held from August 15-18, 2017. We are very happy to communicate to you the results of the elections held recently:
Regional Vicar:
Fr. Sylvester Msemwa of the Holy Spirit
First Councillor:
Fr. Vivian Menezes of Jesus Crucified
Second Councillor:
Fr. Elius Malale of St John of the Cross.

We wish the new administrative team all the best and promise our prayers. Our thanks to Fr. Marlon Rodrigues the out-going Regional Vicar who was at the helm for four terms! May the Lord continue to bless him.

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The Karnataka-Goa Province is full of gratitude to Mons. Aloysius Benziger OCD, the Bishop of Quilon. It was his keen desire to renew Carmelite Presence in Goa and that, during the 3rd centenary of the martyrdom of the Teresian proto-martyrs, Bls. Dionysius and Redemptus (1638-1938). He is said to have obtained due permission from the Patriarch of Goa during the National Eucharistic Congress held a year earlier (29-31 Dec. 1937) at Madras (now Chennai). In spite of his age, he went to Margao, Goa in the company of the Fr. Mary Joseph (the first Goan Carmelite friar) to promote the foundation.

Today (17th of August, 2017), the Malabar Province along with five Dioceses of Kerala (which originally comprised the first and oldest Diocese of Quilon), is marking this event in Trivandrum at our Carmel Hill Monastery Church, where his mortal remains have been interred. There is seminar in the morning, Solemn Eucharist in the afternoon followed by a programme and dance drama. In the absence of the Provincial, Rev. Fr Oswald Crasta (Provincial Councillor) is representing the Karnataka-Goa Province.

Bishop Benziger visited Rachol Seminary where Fr. Paul’s father was physician. According to Fr. Mary Joseph OCD, Bishop Benziger blessed Fr. Paul who was around 5 years old. The following verses are composed by him in recognition of the Bishop’s eagerness and interest in the first foundation of what became later the Karnataka-Goa Province.

Inter ward Singing Competition held at Bajjodi
Inter ward Marian and patriotic singing competition was held for the children and adults on Aug.15th, 2017 at 4pm in Infant Mary Church hall, bajjodi. Mr. Santosh Veigas welcomed the gathering and introduced the judges of the competitions to the audience. The little ones from each ward sang Marian hymns and gave an awesome performance in singing. The adults were dressed up in their tri-color costume sang patriotic songs. Our respected judges were Rev. Fr. Maxim D’souza and Mr. Jude Fernandes. All the singers performed very well and judges had the tough time to judge them as singers really performed well. The audience enjoyed the good singing by golden voices of the participants as it was a treat to the soul to enjoy the good singing. At the end Parish Priest, Fr. Shabas Crasta announced the winners and congratulated the winners as well as participants for their wonderful performances.
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ICYM unit observes Swachh Bajjodi Abhiyan
Aug.15th-Bajjodi: To mark Independence day Celebration Infant Mary Church ICYM unit organized ‘Swachh Bajjodi Abhiyan’ at the church premises here on Tuesday 15th August. The cleaning which began at 8.30 am went on till 11am. Youth and parishioners joined together to clean the Bikarnakatte to bajjodi parish road and surroundings. Parish Priest Fr. Shabas Crasta, Asst. Priest. Fr. Ivan D’souza, Vice President Mr. Joseph Mascarenhas were present. Indeed this programe was organized to create awareness in people to keep our surroundings clean and tidy.
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71st Independence Day celebrated at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi
It is a day of double celebration for Catholics in India. India, our Motherland was freed from the clutches of the British and thus attained its political liberation. Blessed Virgin Mary after completing her life on earth was assumed into Heaven Body and soul. That’s the feast of the Assumption of Blessed Virgin Mary which Catholics commemorate today whole over the world. Faithful in great number participated in both these celebration held at Infant Mary Church, Bajjodi. The Holy Eucharist was at 6.30am celebrated by the Episcopal Vicar for Religious, Rev. Fr. Pius James D’souza. After the Eucharist, all gathered to celebrate the 71st Independence Day of our Country with honour and devotion.
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Sunday 30th of July, 2017, was a very special day for St. Martin de Tours Parish at Mpandagindo, Songea. It was the First Holy Communion of our children, and speciality was Rev. Fr. Marlon Rodrigues, the Regional Vicar presided over the Eucharistic celebration and gave the Holy Communion. Fr. Marlon arrived Mateka on 28th evening and came to Mpandagindo on 29th evening with two guests from USA, Mr & Mrs. Joe and Sheri, and two of our scholastics, Br. Urban and Br. Cyprian who will be here for almost three months for community experience. The Eucharistic celebration began at 8 am, concelebrated by Frs. Roshan Pinto and Raymond Santhanaz. 52 children received the First Holy Communion from the hands of Rev. Fr. Marlon.
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more News & Announcements

This website was launched in 2006 during the silver jubilee celebrations of the Karnataka-Goa Province of the Discalced Carmelite Order.

The ancient Carmelites founded in the thirteenth century were reformed in the sixteenth by two great doctors of the church, Saints Teresa and John of the Cross. These spiritual geniuses, while re-enforcing the contemplative dimension of the Carmelites, inserted a decidedly apostolic thrust into their spirituality, with special emphasis on the missions.

During the seventeenth century, we find Carmelite missionaries in several pockets along the west coast of the Indian sub-continent : Surat, Diu, Goa, Verapoly. In the eighteenth, Carmelites were appointed vicars apostolic of "the Great Mogul" and Verapoly. They are invited to attend to the pastoral needs of the Catholics in Mumbai. In the nineteenth century, the sees of Mangalore and Quilon were entrusted to the sons of St. Teresa.

Finally, in the twentieth century, the Discalced Carmelites opened their doors to Indian natives, who would henceforth draw more freely from the rich spiritual treasures of Sts. Teresa, John of the Cross, and other Carmelite interreters of the Good News of Jesus.

As Indian vocations multiplied, more and more foundations were made, and grouped into "provinces". Today among more than thirty provinces world-wide, there are five Indian provinces . One of these is the Karnataka-Goa province.

The aim of this web-site is, primarily to acquaint readers with Carmelite history and tradition; to share the spiritual insights of the great Carmelite saints and also give glimpses of the life within the province to all our associates. Articles of topical interest have also been included.




Rev. Fr. Charles


Rev. Fr. Pius James D’Souza
I Councillor

Rev. Fr. Ronald

II Councillor

Rev. Fr. Oswald

III Councillor

Rev. Fr. Clifford

IV Councillor

Rev. Fr. Silvestre

Provincial Secretary

We invite you to begin the day with poetic reflections on the day's Gospel composed by our Friar,

Rev. Fr. Paul D'Souza, OCD
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THE WAY LESS TRAVELLED, by Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Dhyanavana Publications, Bangalore 2015, pp. xi + 199.

The new book The Way Less Travelled, is the 31st literary product of Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD. This compendium of 26 articles is a commentary on the Way of Perfection of St. Teresa of Avila, published by the Dhyanavana Publications of the Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Karnataka Goa Province (India). The Way Less Travelled is reader friendly that summarizes the doctrinal content of the Way of Perfection to make the work of the Saint easily accessible, so that The Way of Perfection may be more often travelled. This book was officially released in India by V. Rev. (Dr) Saverio Cannistra OCD (Superior General of the Discalced Carmelites) during the National Closing ceremony of St Teresa’s V Birth Centenary at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Health, Vailankanni, Tamil Nadu on 3rd of October, 2015 and during the inauguration of our Little Flower Monastery at Fraser Town, Canada on October 15th by Ms. Helen Chua Tiampo, in the presence of Bishops, OCD Friars, Secular Carmelites and a large gathering of friends.

The following homilies have been preached by Rev. Fr. Rudolf V. D'Souza OCD, Parish Priest at Guardian Angels Church, Vancouver Canada.The first three homilies are of his Lenten mission reflections in the parish.

The remaining are Sunday homilies which will be regularly uploaded. All our friends and well-wishers are most welcome to benefit from these reflections.

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You are welcome to benefit spiritually from the reflections of our Carmelite Friar - Rev. (Dr) Rudolf V. D’Souza, OCD

Retreat preached on the theme “The Kingdom of God is at hand” at Abu Dhabi, from 26 November to 2 December, 2009.
Day 1: The Kingdom of God
Day 2: The Beatitudes
Day 3: The Seven Sacraments
Day 4: the Ten Commandments
Day 5: Holy Mother, the Church and Mother mary
Day 6A: Family
Day 6B: Love
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Retreat preached at Ruwi – Muscat (Oman) from 20 to 24 January 2008

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Homilies preached on various occasions from 2007-2009 at St. Joseph’s Church, Mira Road, Mumbai (now the largest parish in the Archdiocese of Bombay) when he was Parish Priest.
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