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Welcome to Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society

WWell begun is half done! The Canadian Carmelites of the Karnataka-Goa Province (India) under the leadership of Fr. Rudolf V. D’Souza have taken another bold leap. The ground breaking ceremony of LITTLE FLOWER Formation House at Fraser Valley, North Deroche Road 10789 was held on 27th December 2013, the Birthday of our generous and benevolent benefactor Helen Chua Tiampo. Though the day began with incessant rains making it difficult for the invitees to reach the destination on time; providentially it all subsided when the ceremony began.  Click here for more

“In the Liturgical Year A in the Catholic Church’s lectionary of Scripture readings for Mass, the Gospel passage almost every Sunday is taken from St. Matthew. In the New Testament we meet St. Matthew only indirectly through the Gospel that bears his name. Matthew’s Gospel is one of the longest books in the New Testament and has exercised great influence in Christian life over the centuries. It has even been called the most important book ever written. Fr. Rudolf has already published Homilies for Cycle B and C and now with this publication the Cycle becomes complete. Though there are a number of books published to assist Catholic Preachers, the compendium of Fr. Rudolf is one of its kind, a treasure to be stored in the book shelf of every preacher.”: Rev. Dr. Archibald Gonsalves, OCD, President: IPCI; Provincial: Karnataka Goa Province.  Click here for more

Canadian Carmelite Charitable Society (C.C.C.S.), formerly Rafiki Fundraising Society, was incorporated in 2006 with the purpose of fundraising to provide aids to alleviate poverty of children in Africa. Over the past few years, financial assistance was provided to projects in Kenya and Nigeria. In recent months, it has been providing sandwich lunches to the poor in the West-End in Vancouver. It is currently establishing a personal development institute, spiritual centre, retreat centre and educational institute in the Fraser Valley in mission to serve the Greater Vancouver area.

Our Mission & Services

Total Poverty Alleviation

Our Projects

Seminary Project in Mysore, India

The charity has assisted in partial financing of an addition to a seminary in Mysore, India for the training of young men to the priesthood.

Vancouver West-End Sandwich Services

C.C.C.S. is handing out free sandwiches to between 300-500 of the poor in the past few months

Africa Mission

The charity has supported a village in Nigeria called Oforola, of a Catholic priest who is the pastor of St. Matthew’s Catholic Church in Surrey